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    Utility & grid solutions

    Improve smart grid reliability and security with power generation, transmission & distribution products and power automation solutions.

    Meet the changing demands of the grid

    Eaton’s EVER-Tap voltage regulator utilizes the Reinhausen RMV-II vacuum interrupting tap changer, rated for an industry-leading 1,000,000 operations. Inherent to the vacuum interrupting design, material and gas byproducts from tap changing are removed from the dielectric fluid, providing a clean operating environment, prolonging tap changer contact and coil winding life.

    Eaton's NOVA NX-T recloser is built for a smarter grid

    Built on decades of industry leadership in recloser technology, Eaton's Cooper Power series NOVA NX-T recloser delivers enhanced sensing performance, proven reliability? and simplified configuration and use.

    Empower your applications with high quality data

    Eaton's GridAdvisor optical medium-voltage and current sensors are the ideal solution to retrieve real-time site metrology and intelligence on today’s electrical distribution system, substations and underground distribution locations.

    Looking for Commodity Price Index (CPI) information?