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    Optimizing power generation and distribution for utilities

    Modernize your grid to improve reliability, drive operational efficiencies, reduce costs and protect your people and equipment.

    Design, build and maintain an automated, secure and cost-effective grid

    Managing the grid has never been more challenging. It’s no longer enough to simply provide reliable electrical power. You need smarter solutions to increase efficiency. This means upgrading the aging grid, incorporating alternative energy resources, automating utilization, addressing cyber threats and protecting personnel. Our innovative products, Intelligent Power system designs and experienced engineers can help you tackle increasing demands on the power grid.

    Join trusted experts and learn to manage cybersecurity risk

    A world dependent on connectivity and electrification needs trusted environments. Join us for Cybersecurity Perspectives: the global forum and educational program showcasing the advanced tools and resources needed to expand your cybersecurity skillset.

    We make the evolution of power work.

    Power requirements are quickly evolving. To keep up with fundamental shifts in how consumers use power and how utilities provide it, energy suppliers must work to modernize operations. From complete system overhauls to consulting on individual aspects of grid improvement, Eaton solves complex grid modernization problems across the entire utility landscape.

    Utility industry solutions

    Utility applications

    From generating power to distributing it, we can help you optimize your utility operations.
    to introduce multi-phase regulator control
    to introduce multi-phase regulator control
    sensing accuracy across full temperature range with NOVA NX-T reclosers
    sensing accuracy across full temperature range with NOVA NX-T reclosers
    Network protectors installed worldwide
    Network protectors installed worldwide

    We make a smarter grid work.

    With grid dependability waning, more governments, businesses and communities are turning to microgrids to use electricity with greater efficiency. Our microgrid solutions can help organizations achieve their highest power efficiency potential by optimizing where, when and how electricity is consumed.

    Energy management circuit breaker

    Eaton’s energy management circuit breaker (EMCB) has revolutionized intelligent circuit protection. The EMCB is designed to monitor and manage energy usage with your preferred software platform.
    • Utility industry insights

      Learn more about how you can optimize your power generation and distribution by exploring our knowledge center.
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