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    Keeping you comfortable, protected and connected

    The home is where you make memories and is one of your biggest investments.?And in today's world, power is a fundamental part of everything from the necessities to the modern luxuries. From controlling costs through energy management to installing modern home technologies for comfort and safety, whether you live in a single or multi-family property, you need solutions that fit your life.?Let us help you keep your home safer, smarter and more energy-efficient.?

    Supporting homeowners and the contractors and builders that make it all possible

    Homes are more connected and automated than ever before. Lights are programmable. Thermostats set themselves. Home security systems text you if there’s an intruder, or if your door is unlocked.?And with all of these changes, and more, its important to also make sure that your home stays code-compliant.?Smart technology is making everyday tasks simpler and helping keep your home safer.?

    Changing codes and new technology are evolving the way homeowners are making decisions about their home safety and efficiency, and how their partners in it all - contractors and builders - have to respond.?


    Join trusted experts and learn to manage cybersecurity risk

    A world dependent on connectivity and electrification needs trusted environments. Join us for Cybersecurity Perspectives: the global forum and educational program showcasing the advanced tools and resources needed to expand your cybersecurity skillset.

    Helping contractors and builders stay ahead of the game

    For contractors and builders, this means implementing new solutions that help you use technology to protect homeowners, keep them code-compliant and help them lower their electric bill, all while keeping projects on-schedule and on-budget. And you need to do all this while keeping your personnel safe during installation and maintenance.

    To grow your business, you need to differentiate with value-add offerings. You can be sure that by leveraging our products, services and expertise, you'll be helping keep your customers safer and more connected and energy-efficient. Plus, the lower installation and service costs of our products help you keep to your budget and schedule.?


    Products to stay protected and connected

    • Insights to make homes safer, smarter and more energy-efficient

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