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    Eaton Experience Centers

    Explore first-of-their-kind, hands-on classroom training and demonstration environments that allow you to experience complete power management solutions —?from generation to receptacle.

    About Eaton Experience Centers

    At the Eaton Experience Centers (EECs), customers learn of industry best practices and the latest innovations through hands-on training in multiple application environments. Our applications step customers through power management solutions — from generation all the way down to the receptacle — as we pull back the curtain to give an opportunity to see the impact of projects from a broad perspective. Here, customers come to understand the design, technology and installation practices of a product within today’s most advanced power applications.

    Power engineering expertise and training online

    Power in Focus features the best of our Experience Centers' hands-on training in an online setting. Learn the designs, technologies and installation best practices within today's most advanced power applications—and get credit for it with professional development hours from the Registered Continuing Education Program (RECP) for select training courses.
    • Eaton Experience Centers around the world

      Visit any one of our locations for market-specific demonstrations and training with step-by-step power management guidance.
    customers trained worldwide
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    • Experience center competencies

      The knowledge and experience that sets the standard for learning.

    Train at Eaton

    Eaton Experience Centers offer a wide range of training courses for industry codes and standards, products and solutions for a variety of markets. We offer basic to advanced courses for real situational training and classroom theory education, giving you a comprehensive learning experience in a true industry setting.
    • Experience centers virtual tours

      Before you visit, explore the applications and demos featured at Eaton Experience Centers.