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    Investor relations

    Every day, buildings, vehicles and machines switch on, power up, actuate or energize. And it all relies on power. It’s our job to make sure it works safely, efficiently, reliably and sustainably. We make what matters work.

    Why invest in Eaton?

    Eaton (ETN) is a power management company with 2019 sales of $21.4 billion. Our company has been on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for 97 years and is the 15th oldest listing. We’re a 109-year-old business, and we’ve seen a lot over the decades. As technologies and markets have changed around the world, we’ve adapted and evolved. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to driving value for our shareholders. Eaton has paid dividends on its shares every year since 1923.

    Investor quick links

    ETN stock performance


    Our market-leading global businesses

    Across our businesses – Electrical, Hydraulics, Aerospace, eMobility and Vehicle – we hold market-leadership positions across geographies and in key end markets with strong growth drivers across the business cycle.

    Corporate governance

    Learn more about our leadership team, our board of directors and the corporate governance policies that guide us.